Broken Dentures

Castlemaine Smiles Dentist | Broken Dentures | Dentist CastlemaineDentures have proven themselves effective in addressing multiple dental issues. They restore natural functions of the teeth in eating and speaking, as well as returning balance to your overall face structure.

It is therefore a great inconvenience if they break. That they could break anytime only adds to the nightmare!

Good thing, then, that your local dentist at Castlemaine Smiles is ready to help you in your dental emergency through Same Day Emergency Appointments that are usually available!

But before your visit your dentist, there are some important things to remember to avoid broken dentures, and the first aid steps on how to deal with them.

Why Do Dentures Break?

Your dentures are made of sturdy materials designed to last a long time. Optimum care is observed in their fabrication from the moment you had your fitting, to ensure comfort and durability.

However, dentures can still succumb to damage for the following reasons:

  • Too old and need replacement. Your dentures have undergone day-to-day episodes of chewing, grinding, and other functions of the teeth. These activities involve pressure that can build up over time and little by little affect the durability of your dentures.
  • Abuse of your dentures. Although your dentures are made to function like your natural teeth, they still have limitations. Their strength is a less than that of natural teeth. This is why, upon initial placement of your dentures, your dentist advised you of some precautions on food and activities. You cannot use your dentures as a tool, just as you shouldn’t use your natural teeth as tools. Abuse can weaken dentures and cause them to break.
  • Imperfect fit. It is important to have perfectly fitted dentures to maximise their use and lifespan. Loose dentures can move around and create cracks that will in time result in breakage. Also, loose dentures can fall out of your mouth anytime, leading to a break.
  • Accidents. For health measures, your dentures should be removed every night to let your gums rest. Each time you remove them, you are at risk of them falling and breaking.

First Aid Steps For A Broken Denture 

If your dentures are broken, or if you notice cracks, do not attempt to fix them yourself as this could cause further damage.

Fixing your dental restorations requires the skill and knowledge of a dentist, hence it is best to leave the work to your local dentist at Castlemaine Smiles.

Denture repair kits are available in drug stores but they are often ineffective and using them can sometimes make it harder for your dentist to permanently fix your dentures.

If your dentures break, call and visit your dentist immediately.

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Administering proper first aid is crucial to alleviate pain during dental emergencies. But to ensure absolute safety, visiting your dentist immediately is just as important.

Same Day Emergency Appointment is usually available at Castlemaine Smiles Dentist.

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