Full Mouth Reconstruction

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a complex combination of many dental treatments that may include restorative, cosmetic, orthodontic and preventive dentistry to give you a healthy mouth and a perfect smile.

It is not a single dental treatment. Rather, it is a variety of treatments and procedures performed over time that are focused on getting and keeping your mouth healthy.

It serves to rehabilitate your teeth, improving the appearance of your smile, increasing your chewing capacity and aiding in the ongoing preventive maintenance of your teeth.

Who Benefits From A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

During a comprehensive dental examination by your dentist, the overall status of your oral health will be evaluated. A full mouth reconstruction is often recommended in the following situations:

  • Multiple missing teeth.
  • To improve bite position.
  • Poor chewing capacity
  • Chronic jaw pain or TMJ disorder
  • Several worn down, chipped or broken teeth

Quality Treatment at Castlemaine Smiles

Having a full mouth reconstruction is a significant undertaking and often involves combined general dental and specialist care. It is important to feel confident in the training and ability of the health care providers involved.

At Castlemaine Smiles we have an excellent record of providing the highest level of treatment and have long standing relationships with highly skilled dental specialists. You can be sure that your dental care will be in safe hands.

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